Everything You Need to Know About CBD is Captured in These Videos

Image: Marijuana: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

Image: Marijuana: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)


The Internet is an amazing place when researching a topic. However after reading a few articles or watching a few videos, one can not help but notice the never-ending amount of information. It might get very overwhelming, even to the point where you decide to give up on the research.

Moreover, when doing a research on medical cannabis, you come across a lot of information that contradicts each other resulting in total lack of trust towards the subject. So many just give up on the research and remain skeptical about CBD.

We hear you and we’re here for you! We watched as many videos/documentaries/vlogs as we could (so you don’t have to) and chose the ones that we thought give the most information and are the most interesting to watch. Below you’ll find a few documentaries, a docuseries and a vlog - in English and in French - that explicitly explain everything you need to know about the CBD, its effects, its political battles and its history.

Enjoy and let us know which one was your favorite!




Weed: A documentary by Dr. Sanjay Gupta. Part 1 (CNN)

By Dr. Sanjay Gupta, Chief Medical Correspondent

A little bit about it: Dr. Sanjay Gupta’s documentary blew up when it first aired in 2013. He showed the world, and more particularly the Americans, the positive sides of cannabis, breaking the stigma around it. The first part of the documentary covers many burning topics, such as: the story behind the famous Charlotte’s Web; is marijuana actually the getaway drug; what are the effects of adolescent recreational use on the brain; is marijuana addictive; and finally covers on the capital of medical marijuana research - Israel. 

Why we loved it: if you had to watch only one documentary about medical marijuana, no doubt we’d suggest you to watch this one. Dr. Sanjay Gupta spares no effort in getting to the truth about medical marijuana, unveiling some heartbreaking stories, which make you believe in the magical power of cannabis. 

Full discloser: the documentary proved to be so popular, that Dr. Sanjay Gupta continued his TV research resulting in two more documentaries airing in the consecutive years. These documentaries focus mainly on the struggles behind the marijuana legalization in the United States although they do contain some information that’d be interesting for the international viewer as well (such as the interview in the secret GW Pharmaceutical labs in England). 

We might not have loved those as much as we enjoyed the first part but we decided to attach all of the three parts anyway in case you’re curious about other states’ views on medical marijuana. 

The part 4 reflects on opioid addiction and we’d like to dedicate a separate article to this topic. Stay tuned! 


I tried medical marijuana for my chronic pain (BuzzFeed)

Video owner: Buzzfeed. Told and produced by Kelsey Darragh

A little bit about it: Kelsey Darragh, a former BuzzFeed producer, describes the video as “I’m at a point in my life and my pain where I'm willing to try anything”. Kelsey suffers from a neuropathic chronic pain condition called Trigeminal Neuralgia (TN). She opens up about her journey -  countless doctor appointments, surgeries, tremendous bills and excruciating pain - as she finally decides to give medical marijuana a try. The video includes the use and description of the following methods: flowers, oils, creams, cannabis high in THC and finally the Charlotte’s Web (a product which is the closest to what the Swiss market is currently offering). 

Why we loved it: Kelsey doesn’t sugarcoat her reviews nor her condition for the viewer - we see the raw, honest video and pretty much from the very beginning feel integrated. It is very interesting to see the CBD products in action and their effects incorporated in the daily life of a working gal. 


English with French Subtitles


Weed, Explained (Netflix)

Episode from July 25, 2018

Caption from a Netflix docuseries Explained, produced by Vox Media

Caption from a Netflix docuseries Explained, produced by Vox Media

A little bit about it: In the roughly 20 minute long documentary you will see cannabis free of politics and miracle stories, instead you will learn about the plant’s actual history and features. The sharp storytelling uncovers the origins of cannabis and its mainly known species - indica and sativa, further elaborating on the hybrid plants that we see today in dispensaries and coffee shops. The documentary also raises important questions, such as the need of cannabis legal regulations in the countries where it’s legal and a fast raise of the THC component in most of the plants that are on the shelves today. 

Why we loved it: it’s an easy flowing, informative and more importantly very different short documentary from anything you’ll see on the Internet. If you want to learn the important historical milestones of cannabis, why weed during the hippie revolution was drastically different from weed today and simply know what is it you’re smoking, then all of the above will be Explained in this documentary.




36.9: CBD la déferlante du cannabis légal (RTS)

Video owner: 36.9. Reportage by Lison Méric and Ventura Samarra

A little bit about it: The reportage is investigating a fairly recent Swiss law that lifted a ban on medical marijuana. It reveals how both sides of the CBD market - the vendors and the buyers - adapt to the new changes. You will learn about CBD growing and its sale process, as well as hear some breathtaking (and even heartbreaking) stories.

Why we loved it: There isn’t that much information on the Internet about the CBD consumerism in Switzerland. This report is a comprehensive review of light cannabis on the Swiss market. It might not be filled with facts, charts or stats, but it is no less captivating, sharing the real stories of those who see CBD as the only option.