CBD Oil For Period Pain? Hell, yeah!

Leah and Nikki, the OHNE founders |  Source: OHNE

Leah and Nikki, the OHNE founders | Source: OHNE


Probably by now you're seeing at least one (or ten) article(s) per day related to CBD and its derivatives. By now most of us figured out (more or less) what CBD is and how it works (but here’s our CBD guide in case you want to refresh your memory or learn more). So let’s jump right to the main topic of this article, shall we?

CBD oil for your period pain!

Meet Leah and Nikki, two university friends who fight for one cause: break the stigma surrounding menstruation, help women embrace their bodies and most importantly, help girls in Zambia learn about their changing bodies and have access to period products and clean bathrooms.

The organic tampon subscription service OHNE now launched a new product, a CBD oil relieving menstrual pain, called Anti-Teardrops (witty, right?). The CBD oil might not be a totally innovative product, however such marketing and cause are definitely something to look into, especially on the UK market. By now there are just a couple of drug stores, such as Boots and Holland&Barrett, who jumped on the CBD bandwagon. They introduced a few cosmetic ranges (body lotion, moisturizer, pain relief cream etc) that contain a CBD component. BUT as you can guess, there isn’t much marketing involved. Thus kudos to the OHNE founders for speaking out, making a change in our society’s perception of a woman and most importantly creating a great product that women can actually make a use of.

“CBD Oil is made with 100mg full-spectrum CBD (no cheap CBD isolates here), hemp extract and essential oils, which not only have a bunch of healing properties in their own right, but actually work to stimulate the CBD oil and aid pain relief.”

As described by OHNE Instagram post on @im_ohne

Finally, we strongly suggest you to visit the OHNE website to check out the CBD Oil product information, their subscription plan offers, but also to feel empowered, inspired and simply like a total badass (#MorningMotivation amirite?).

The CBD Oil is available to purchase starting January 24, with a limited quantity available.

UPDATE: The OHNE’s CBD Oil was all sold out in under 15 mins. It will be restocked soon, however the exact date is yet to be confirmed.

To learn more about the products and services, visit OHNE’s website.