Can This Drink Actually Cure Hangovers?


Henry Drnec, the former CEO of Red Bull, is behind yet another sensation. This time Drnec is introducing, what some are referring to as the antagonist of Red Bull, the detox shot called Sober Up®. The drink is promoting liver health, claims to prevent hangovers, as well as to “boost the body’s own detoxification process”.

The Sober Up® formula includes such components as turmeric, peppermint, ginseng and wormwood, each responsible for a different kind of effect: anti-inflammatory, pain relief or liver health support.

“Sober Up® was made for the right reasons. It was created exclusively to help people.”

Harry Drnec

The product’s funding was raised on Indiegogo. The campaign amounts roughly to $80,000, almost double of the needed sum.

Due to the instant positive reaction and high demand, the Sober Up® team announced its partnership with the magazine High Times to create a new detox shot - this time with the CBD. Although the magnitude of the Sober Up® and CBD combination is yet to be discovered, Harry Drnec believes that it will help fight addiction.

However, let’s not be delusional and forget that there are no studies that can back up the promoted product nor the promised health benefits. AND the main question remains - isn’t Sober Up® just an outcome of the Red Bull’s vertical integration?

Regardless, the Sober Up® + CBD shot will be on sale some time before spring 2019 so we can all try and see for ourselves what the fuss is all about.

In the meantime, you can check out Drnec’s interview and the Indiegogo campaign:


You can check the Sober Up® Indiegogo campaign here.