A Brief Guide To CBD Beauty Trend

Lord Jones, Body Lotion, $60 | Source:    www.lordjones.com

Lord Jones, Body Lotion, $60 | Source: www.lordjones.com


The Internet is full of confusing and misguiding articles and videos promoting CBD component as either a harmful, unknown drug or the magic pill for all. Let’s make it clear once and for all - it is neither. CBD can act differently from one person to another, where one will never imagine life without it and another won’t see much difference and won’t make any use of it.

Nonetheless, the beauty industry is nowadays booming with what many call now the trendiest ingredient - the CBD, its beauty benefits are transforming the industry and surely cannot be ignored.

Before talking about CBD beauty, let’s remember what CBD is - a powerful plant derived ingredient, that is an abbreviation of the word “cannabidiol”, one of many cannabinoids found in cannabis. Unlike another commonly known cannabinoid found in a cannabis plant, the THC, the CBD acts as a non-psychoactive compound, it has a multitude of healing properties (and many yet to be discovered) that could ump up one’s skincare routine.

So what does it actually do?

It naturally delivers an anti-inflammatory, anti-sceptic and healing results. Those properties are very useful for a variety of issues from joint and muscle pain to treating cystic acne (yes, it is comedogenic), psoriasis and arthritis.

Nowadays the CBD infused oils can be used in many versatile ways, including in beauty and recovery products. Both professional athletes and beauty junkies are increasingly using products that include the CBD component to boost their physical activity/recovery and improve the appearance and skin health.

Recently, due to the massive craze in the beauty industry, there have been a few solid scientific evidences and studies (such as the Journal of Clinical Investigation), that CBD is a strong antioxidant, including many essential amino acids. Moreover it is one of those products that every skin would tolerate because of its light composition. However it is still important to be cautious and make sure to read the ingredients list, as well as slowly incorporate the new ingredient into your routine. The efficiency of CBD infused beauty products will certainly make you reanalyse the beauty industry as well as break those old and dusted stereotypes around this magical ingredient.