CBDigest | Instagram Scammers, CBD-Oil Infused Skincare and The American Cannabis In Mexico

Green Gold Farm/ Instagram

Green Gold Farm/ Instagram


Weed Scams are Trending on Instagram—and People are Falling for Them (High Times)

“Lynn Thomas (@greengoldfarms) of Green Gold Farms in San Diego has seen dozens of Instagram users purporting to be him and offering weed for sale. And what’s worse, he’s heard from people who have been scammed by them.

On several occasions, Thomas says he’s received Instagram direct messages from people who have wired money to one of the imposters for weed they never received. He hates having to be the one to let people know they’ve been scammed.”

TEScosmetics Offers New CBD Oil-Infused Skincare Line (Forbes)

“November is Healthy Skin Month, making this a perfect opportunity to discuss new ways of showing our skin some love. This time of year, when the weather is cool and we rely more on indoor heating, our skin tends to get drier. Before you reach for that moisturizer, have you ever stopped to think about what’s in it?

An increasing number of consumers are thinking more critically about the personal care items they choose. One new skincare line, designed by a medical doctor, is shaking up the industry.”

Trump’s Wall Could Just Cause Mexican Cartels To Make Better Weed (Vice)

“The legalization and artful cultivation of quality weed in the United States has started a small but interesting trend. Mexico's cartels and enterprising individuals are purchasing the finest version of the herb from legal labs and dispensaries in California, Colorado, and other states, and bringing it south of the border for consumption by discerning Mexican consumers.”