Make the Tables Turn: Mental Health as a Superpower


Describing the common physical pain usually doesn’t take much effort. If something’s not feeling right even three words would probably be sufficient to explain what’s wrong - “stomach is bloated”, or “wrist is swollen”, or simply “headache”. Although self-medication in most cases is not recommended, in two out of three scenarios described above, one can easily resolve the issue with a couple of pain killers and no need to leave the house. We learned how to identify physical pain, describe it and deal with it.

But what about the emotional pain? How does one explain what it feels like to be depressed or to have anxiety so the other person, who perhaps never experienced either of those, understands? And most importantly, once identified, how does one cure this pain?

We came across the video below and instantly felt the need to share it. In it, Dan Mace, a South African creator and filmmaker, tells the story about his own battles with depression and anxiety. Besides his impeccable editing and storytelling skills, Dan manages to put into words and images what it feels like to struggle with the mental health, creating a very powerful message. His advice? Don’t try controlling the beast, just flow with it (it will make much more sense when you watch the video).

If you are concerned about the mental health of you or someone you know, contact the Swiss Help Hotline La Main Tendue by dialing 143 or at their website, here.

Thumbnail image: by Geo Law (@georgelaw)