Cannabis infusion

Cannabis infusion


Off a "Tchai" character, slightly spicy, this infusion can be carried out in water or in milk. We recommend using milk to maximize the absorption of CBD and other cannabinoids.

High-end, this infusion is exclusively composed of whole plant pieces, from agriculture in the European Union 100% organic.

The plants that make up this infusion (see list of ingredients below) have been specially selected for their well-being properties as well as their properties to maximize the effects of the hemp plant.


  • Raspberry leaves

  • Cloves

  • Ginger root

  • Licorice root

  • Cardamom

  • Cinnamon chips

  • Hemp essential oil

  • Cannabis flowers

Preparation tips :

  1. Simmer 400ml of water (95 ° C)

  2. Add 3 teaspoons of infusion (4 to 5 grams)

  3. Infuse 8 minutes (10 minutes for a stronger brew)

  4. Savor

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