Here you will find the most frequently asked questions about our service and the product we deliver - CBD cannabis. We ask you to keep responsible at all times and to contact your doctor if you have any health-related questions. Every body is different therefore the reactions to the CBD cannabis may vary.

  1. I am confused. What is the difference between marijuana and CBD?

    CBD cannabis, or also called light cannabis, contains less than 1% THC, the component that provokes a psychedelic effect. However, it has a high amount of CBD, a cannabinoid which works as anti-inflammatory, anti stress and has many other health benefits. “Regular” marijuana, on the other hand, contains high percentage of THC and is currently illegal in Switzerland.

  2. Wait, so is it legal?

    Yes, cannabis in Switzerland is legal as long as its dosage of THC component remains below 1%.

  3. Alright! So what is the best way to consume it?

    It comes in several forms: edibles, concentrates, oils and flowers are just to name the few. So you can either smoke it, use it as a dietary supplement or as a snack. There is no best way, it is rather personal.

  4. So does this mean that I can drive after consuming CBD?

    Although there isn’t a law forbidding driving after consuming CBD, we would suggest you to restrain from getting behind the wheel if you feel particularly relaxed.

  5. Can I purchase CBD if I am a minor?

    No, if you are under 18 you may not purchase the light cannabis or use the Ruben Delivery service.

  6. What about CBD consumption during pregnancy?

    There aren’t any studies related to the regulation of the CBD consumption during pregnancy (but let’s be honest, there aren’t many studies regulating the wine consumption during pregnancy either), therefore we strongly recommend you to consult with your doctor if you are expecting.

  7. Are there any medical conditions that forbid CBD consumption?

    Again, the CBD studies are surprisingly underfunded restricting anyone to reply with an even 50% certainty. So please consult with your doctor if you have any questions or doubts.

  8. So how can I order CBD cannabis again?

    Download the Ruben app on the App Store or Google Play, choose the products that you need and get them delivered to your doorstep within 1h! Total privacy and high quality service guaranteed!

  9. How much does Ruben Delivery service cost?

    It depends on how far you are from the pick up location. The delivery fee varies from CHF 7 to CHF 20.

If you have any more questions, please email us at info@rubendelivery.com