Ruben Delivery is a user-friendly mobile application that allows anyone (of a legal age) get the CBD products one needs the fastest way possible. 

Disclaimer: This is not a picture of Ruben; Image by Mariano Nocetti (   @pristinha   )

Disclaimer: This is not a picture of Ruben; Image by Mariano Nocetti (@pristinha)



Alright, let’s discuss the pink elephant in the room: who is Ruben? 

We promised to keep Ruben’s identity confidential, although we can share some of his traits, as well as the story behind this platform.

Ruben is in his late 30’s and is known to be a big reader and traveller. One may even describe him as “thirsty for knowledge”. He first learned about the healing power of CBD from the fascinating story behind the famous strain called Charlotte’s Web (you can learn more about it here) and was immediately taken by the plant. 

Ruben then found his purpose in creating a platform that would not only shed light on the CBD and its features, but also make it as easy as possible to purchase the CBD products without having to leave a couch. 

Fun Fact: people say that he was rocking the so-called hipster mustache before it became mainstream, but we can not confirm this with certainty.

Image by    rawpixel

Image by rawpixel



We are a small team of very passionate people who wanted to create a service that helps people. CBD is a product used in a range of drastically different cases - from headaches and insomnia, to chronic pain relief and seizures. Sometimes getting out of the house to the nearest selling point is simply impossible. 

And thus the Ruben Delivery was born! The app we created is easy to navigate (even for those of us who are not digital natives) and the service that it provides, with the help of our highly professional couriers, is quick and effective.

Our mission:

We are working towards breaking the stigma associated with cannabis and the CBD in particular. CBD is more than a psychedelic-free drug or “that other component of marijuana”. We truly believe in the magic powers of CBD and that, contrary to black market weed, it can’t harm you (as long as the product is of a high quality). 

The “Tell Me More!” platform is a part of our initiative to keep you informed while also entertained, as well as to help you learn and get inspired. 


We truly hope that you’ll love Ruben Delivery as much as we do and we will try to make your experience even better by constantly updating our app.